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Monday, May 20th, 2013

apple-pieIt started a bit slow as arriving at 9 we were first there, but soon enough the key arrived.

After the usual shennaigans and switch twiddling we were all set to go and half an hour later my pizza was ready while S&C tucked into Lamb chops (a change from quiche) spuds and purple trees. Justine, not to be outdone, waded in with slow roasted pork belly before we set about creating a beer bottle mountain before bed.

eggsMoring dawned not so well but the eggs fascination really got going with at least 4 sets of scrambled eggs on the go (with vaiations on cooking methods and toast/bread). Without his partner in crime (Pete the Pie) Donal seem to be selling himself short on the bacon, sausage, black pud, toms, beans ….. Bagles seem to be becoming a regular player, and of course malties being the favoured cereal for Carmen. With Eric's on the doorstep there was bound to be some purchasing to be going on and Peri & Graham were on form.

With the hut so close to the climbing lunch was easy to arrange and many of us retreated for tea, soup, sarnies and all manner of snacks.

apple-pie2Evening meal number 1 was a Donal special. What my grandma would have called a bit'n'bobs – although im sure if you look hard enough you can find a pasta sauce with chicken, bacon, toms, clerey, cheese(!) nuts, bolts, washers and many other ingredients all bunged mixed in a loving fashion. Peri made enough apple pie to keep us going for a year and enough cloves to deaden any toothache that may have been lingering. With Gav joining us we were tightly arranged around the table and the wine, beer and insults flowed apace. The dream team made short work of the dishes, even though Carmen shirked the cutlery – lightweight.

risottoPretty much a repeat breakfast and lunch eventually saw us gathered once more around the table to sample Jamie's bargain (20p leeks) soup, which was well received, followed by Anthony's mushroom risotto (with added cheese thanks to some emergency shopping) Good effort and brave man making risotto for that many. Peri's Pie made a re-appearance (as it was to for most of the w/e at all meals) and this time we really set about the vino then scotch – to some effect.

sconeLast day, sunshine, quick climb before breakfast of eggs followed by scones and jam all round. Still didn't quite shift the hangovers.
Much tea was drunk during the day and a few brave souls volunteered with the final slices of the apple monster.

Good effort all around, if not the excesses of the Langdale meet, certainly good fare.