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A pleasant evening wandering

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

5 of us (Myself, David, Justine, Andrew and Rebecca) met on a scorching summer evening at Kirkham Abbey, between York and Malton, for one of the midweek evening walks. As we crossed the river Derwent a boat load of people floated downstream past the Abbey making quite an idyllic scene. 

After crossing the railway we headed up a steep climb through the woods and then turned left to follow a woodland path, the shade and cooler air providing a welcome change from the baking sun. After popping out into some fields, we dropped steadily down past a farm to join a country lane. This crossed the railway again and was busy with cyclists enjoying an evening spin.

Reaching a small wood which was to be our turnaround point, we headed through the trees towards the river and could hear a strange, regular ‘sloshing’ sound, which turned out to be coming from Howsham Mill across the river. This was the sound of the first archimedes screw turbines in the UK, generating electricity as part of the Renewable Heritage Trust’s restoration of the mill site. if you're interested in more information!

We watched some kayakers practising their skills in the mill weir, and further upstream there were a few swimmers cooling off in the river at this popular wild swimming spot. A pleasant walk back along the western bank of the river Derwent through fields and along the occasionally overgrown path took us back to Kirkham Abbey. Along the way we came across a patch of pineapple weed, which I’m sure I’ve seen before (it’s fairly common at field edges apparently) but didn’t realise it was wild chamomile.  So thanks Andrew and Rebecca, I learned something too, and the handful I collected is currently drying out ready for when I next fancy a brew. 

Just up the road from the Abbey is the Stone Trough Inn, so we finished a lovely evening with a beer out in the garden, enjoying the last of the sunshine. A warm orange sunset followed, and the final rays of the day illuminated the tops of the trees across the valley, reminding us it was time to think about heading home. 

Scuggy Sunshine

Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

Thunderstorms were forecast for later in the day so Guido, peri and I got an early start to Scugdale for a quick hit on the sandstone. We started on the usual easy stuff and ticked the routes we knew well, despite some curious aspects of Franco's new guide,.

After an hour or so we were delighted to be joined by team strong, Russ and Sarah, not by arrangement but by good judgement.

We all got baked and with a stack of pads as large as an American pancake breakfast we felt quite safe. We scurried up 20 or 30 routes each until we had worn out our fingers, and the lure of the bike-shop cafe in the village (recommended) drew us away.

Baked Flakes

Thursday, July 1st, 2021
Flake Wall VS 4b

Peri and I headed over to Crookrise to join in with a FRCC day meet.
Leaving York in cloudy weather we had extra clothes incase but once near Skipton the weather changed and it was toasty.

In fact too hot to do much and hard to trust handholds. We bagged a S 4a and VS 4b before a break to wander over and chat to the FRCC team. They were packing up (mostly locals) as it was just too hot!


After lunch I goaded Peri into climbing Slingsby's Chimney HVD 4a which felt more like VD 5b to me. Getting into the chimney is really hard, after that some knee bars leads to (scrapped knees and) lovely bridging to the top. Best of all it was in the shade.

Midges put an end to the day after an abortive attempt at some routes on Sunshine Slab which seem well undergraded at MVS4b in the heat.

Lovely place, with great views about 45 miles from York with free parking !

England 2, Germany 0, Almscliff 3

Thursday, July 1st, 2021
jamie climbing
pothole directs tough 5b start

Jamie Peri and I made it to Almscliff this weeks outing, and were rewarded with a quiet evening until about 8 or so.

We each climbed a classic VS. Peri on Traditional Climb (VS 4c), Jamie on Pothole Direct VS 5b and myself on Crack of Doom VS 4c.

Rob climbing
Rob on Crack of Doom VS 4c

It was toasty on the approach but as Jamie found to his cost the wind was chilly and jackets required towards the end, flip flops not being optimal for insulation