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Happy Birthday YAC

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021



Founded 40 years ago, in November YAC celebrated its anniversary with a meet at the excellent, large K-FellFarers hut at the head of Borrowdale. With some restrictions still in pace we couldn't use all of the places but that still meant nearly 30 people attending over the weekend.


Sat saw most people split between walking and climbing groups, with a few people doing their own thing, running and walking. The Walkers headed towards Scafell Pike and picked up some poor weather along the way, and had a very misty time, but at least they got back early and started on one of the cakes with their tea.

Climbers divided into Simon & Carmen heading towards Bowderstone area and team of 10 headed along to Shepherds Crag parking at the nearby Climbers Club hut (Gav and Rob are members). The weather, whilst not balmy was dry and fine and teams split up climbing along the length of the Crag.

Anna, Rob Mike and Karl climbed all over Brown slabs with Ana getting some leads in and Mike soloing everything! Gav, Justine Kasia and started by ticking off the classic rock route Little Chamonix, a route climbed by Pete B and Jamie, and Rob and Ana chasing them up at the end of the day with a spot of rain which soon moved on. Ana finished off a busy day leading the last pitch.

Mike and Dave W managed to tick a few harder routes using a rope this time. We maxed out the day, walked back to the cars in the dusk and arrived back to a very busy hut.

With so many people we all brought a dish to the meal, a huge Ruby Murray with a wide selection of starters, lots of mains and side dishes and wonderful salads, we ate like a proper banquet.

Obviously there was plenty of puddings and cake provided by members and a cheese course in case our calorie count dropped below 5 figures. Liz produced a magnificent birthday cake, and most of us hit diabetic coma levels of sugar.

Karl (as usual) tried to melt the stove in the hut so it was toasty evening despite he poor weather. Kasia had a long drive back but we welcomed Marianna and continued the festivities until quite late.

Sunday the weather was still raining and the waterfalls were overflowing – sour milk ghyll in flood. A few brave souls ventured out for a quick run around some hills and dales, Pete W and Dave D went for a misty stroll to Gable and a larger team headed for the bright lights (cafes and gear shops) of Keswick. After a thorough cleaning we all packed up and headed home.

Proper good hut meet with loads of people and a great celebration, Simeon agreed to coordinate a walk closer to York for all those members, old and new who couldn't make the meet.