Training Weekend in the Peak

June 9th, 2008 by netevilarch

So there I was, up early, driving down to Hathersage Saturday morning to help out on a climbing course to get some log book time in.  Would I recongnise anyone….  Would I remember all the stuff from the training course…..

I met Abbi ( course leader ) in the car park behind Outside at 9:15 ( It was amazing to see the number of "instructors" milling about and organising things at that time of the morning,  must have been about 15-20 instructors ).  We had a quick chat about what we should do with the clients during Saturday and Sunday.  We got everyone together and set off in 2 cars up to Burbage North.

The weather looked like it may have started to rain but we only had a few sprinkles all day.  We ended up setting up 9 top/bottom ropes for the group throughout the day. They needed to stop by 3:30 as they were all feeling tired.  Hooray we had worn them out…phew.

The plan for Sunday was to meet at the car par just past the Strines Inn and walk in to Dovestone Tor.  It is a 45-55 minute walk in all uphill. It was a good choice as the place was deserted and we got some top/bottom roping done then after lunch we introduced them to lead belaying and seconding routes/removing gear.  Some of the group had to leave by 4 o'clock to head back to London.  It was a beautiful Sunday in the Peak and the Tor got a lot busier after lunch but, I guess, nowhere near as busy as Stanage or other popular Peak destinations.

Hard work, physically and mentally tiring but it was good to see peoples reaction when they got the "idea" or did something they thought they couldnt do.

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