another easy peasy monday

August 2nd, 2011 by pebbles

the easy peasy monday sessions continued this week with another Brimham sesh. As we headed west our hearts sank, there was a big black cloud, light rain and the roads were definitely wet. We carried on, deciding if the worst came to the worst we would just top rope. But faith was rewarded! even though the road to brimham was wet, as we turned into the car park the ground turned miraculously dry – not a drop had fallen at Brimham itself. Result! We had two teams Team1: Courtney, Cef and Cef's friend Steve; Team 2: Peri and Roy. This evening Courtney led Pig Traverse (HS) partly on preplaced gear, and Roy led Grit Corner, a V diff which was a little harder than sometimes as the start was quite damp and greasy. Other routes done were fag slab, fag end, fag slab variant – in fact looking at that list of route names I think we should all have lung cancer by now. No abseil practice this evening – we ran out of time, the sun had set and the midgies were getting hungry.

If the weather continues to play ball there will be another easy rock session next Monday – a good chance for people to do stuff on easier routes, whether it's starting to lead, getting a bit of abseil practice, or just having an easy relaxed evening.

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  1. lithos says:

    late at work and headache so cried off, next week 🙂

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