easy peasy tuesday

August 3rd, 2011 by Simon C

Yet another late decision as to where to head to avoid the rain, this time we opted for Brimham. As we headed west our hearts rose, there was blue sky, no rain and the roads were definitely dry. We carried on, deciding if the worst came to the worst we'd have to try something hard. But faith was rewarded! even though the road to Brimham was dry, as we turned into the car park the ground turned miraculously wet – it had been raining heavily at Brimham itself.

After wandering around for a bit searching for some dry rock, Carmen picked out Right Hand Crack (VS 4b), scene of many a previous epic, all of which had somehow been forgotten. So she set off anyway, opting to make the route a little more interesting by missing out as many foot holds as possible, but eventually she reached the top (minus most of the skin on the backs of her hands). I followed in fine style (ahem).

By now the sun was out and it had turned into a fine evening. Gordon and Dave K arrived for a rapid ascent of Cracked Corner (HVD), having no doubt already ticked off several other routes, before disappearing into the night.

Peri led Birch Tree Wall (VS 4c) pronouncing it damp but OK, and well protected courtesy of her behemoth cam. While I reacquainted myself with Difficult Crack (VD) – years since I did it, I'd forgotten what a nice little route it is – Roy led President's Progress. We were accompanied by a drum serenade courtesy of a guy from Sheffield whose son was perched precariously on the edge of a big drop, asking us abut how many accidents we'd seen while climbing.

I finished with President's Progress while Peri scooted up Lichen Slab, with a large piece of tree stuck down her shirt (your guess is as good as mine). The midges were starting to arrive, so we fled to the car, leaving Roy and Peri practising abseiling down the slab.

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  1. pebbles says:

    hmm this blog seems strangley familiar, and yet not quite. must be groundhog day…

    the piece of tree was a D.I.Y fishing rod, wasnt it obvious? Rob had lost a midge net down a crack last monday, and since it was too late to start another route I thought a (second) recovery attempt was in order. A bit of teamwork between me and Roy caught the wily little devil, though it did put up a bit of a fight

  2. Simon C says:

    Gordon and Dave's "several other routes" were Difficult Crack, Lovers Leap Chimney, Lichen Slab, Long Johns Rib, Slab Arete, Centre Point, and Cyclops!

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