relaxed peak day

September 6th, 2012 by rob s

Peri and I were meeting Dave S at 9am, so when 10am arrived before Dave we weren't that surprised! Peri was on a gear mission and we followed shopping with a huge breakfast in Outside cafe.

training hard

We managed to drag ourselves away and arrive at Frogatt just in time for the Archers.

It was hot and sunny as this week has been designated summer (in case you haven't been told). Peri had an appointment with Chequers Buttress (HVS 5a ***) but didn't want to jump on it straight away, so I did Diamond Crack (HS 4b **) a short but lovely little route by the pinnacle. Dave bloddered about jumping on the route (a regular theme) before we wandered down to the slabs where Peri ran up Heather Wall and I took my time, and placed some rubbish gear, on CMC slab (HVS 5a ***). I used a side runner at the top but Peri reckons a 0.5, narrow head, cam is good in the pocket. The crux move took me a while (including reversing it – hmmm) and the others strolled up (a slightly different sequence at the top) making it look peasy.

We then went for the main event. All was looking good until a swift flight resulted in a few choice words and much frustration. Dave and I followed on ropes and we set up a top rope so Peri could sort this issue out. Suffice to say we were a while and all joined in the advice (heckling) ! We also figured you can do the route just using number 6 rocks (anywhere between 4 and 6 of them) !

Midges came out and ended play – so a quick pint in the Grouse and we left – but Peri will be back and have her vengeance!

Loads of Pix & Beta…..

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  1. pebbles says:

    thanks for all the patience and coaching rob, much appreciated and good fun!

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