and so it begins…..

October 3rd, 2012 by rob s

Most people have now decided it's too dark at night and the indoor climbing walls beckon. Last night there were loads of YACers at Harrogate which was surprisingly not too busy.

Will, Justine and I met up with Karl and Leni to be joined by Carmen, Gordon and Dave D, with Angela and Catherine already in residence.

Look out for the emails (and the bombardment when Peri returns from sunning herself:) discussing options for the weekly session.

3 Responses to “and so it begins…..”

  1. Simon C says:

    Bunch of wusses the lot of you!

  2. pebbles says:

    oi! turn my back, and I'm being slagged off left right and centre! ;-p
    since a number of us have been going to the womens coaching session on tuesday evenings for a while, my suggestion would be to make tuesday a general evening, and then those of us that do the girlies session regularly can still be sociable with the lads.
    my second suggestion is to make thursday at Red Goat a regular session – there has been a good little crew, both yacers and non-yacers, going down there the last few weeks, and its nice not to have to drive half way across yorkshire to go climbing.

  3. lithos says:

    you call that a slagging ?

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