York Amnesics Club go north

April 24th, 2013 by rob s

Paul on Headache Crackfollowing our successful trip to the Lakes, Y.A.C went to Peak Scar for a bit of block pulling, this time sans rock boots, muppet.

Simon and Carmen enjoyed a couple of new routes dug out of the ivy at the more chossy end (that's saying something). Paul led Jordu (HVD/S/HS/…) in fine style – with knees, then I led Headache Crack, quite steep, bit dirty, lots of wires, some ok, quite fun in oversized rock shoes that later got hurled down the crag to their owner.

We left S&C Jamming with Sam and squeezing the last of the light from the day.

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  1. Simon C says:

    One of the new routes was actually rather good – Inertia, given MVS 4b but probably a grade easier. A bit dirty, but with traffic should clean up nicely. Well worth its star.
    The other seems to get covered in earth from the top every time it rains, so is probably destined to return into the jungle.

    You missed the best bit of the evening – Carmen trying to escape having crawled head first into the tiny cave near the start of Jam With Sam…

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