Back to Almscliffe

April 30th, 2014 by Puma

crack-of-doomThe midweek evening summer cragging continued last night when seven of us headed off to Almscliff. I always expect it to be blowing a hoolie there so it came as a nice change to have still dry weather (although it did mean midges).

We partnered up into the usual groups, Dave, Gordon and Richard were down on Low Man, ending the evening on Rough Crack, Simon and Carmen (complete with crack gloves) went looking for appropriate territory to test out their newly acquired skills from the Crack School, Donal and I went and climbed Fluted Crack, Crack of Doom and Zig Zag Direct.

We finished just as the sun set and headed to the Hunters for a pint where we bumped into Peri and Dave who had been bouldering a Caley.

3 Responses to “Back to Almscliffe”

  1. pebbles says:

    had hoped you guys would make it for a pint, was nice to meet up and be sociable even though we were at different crags earlier :-). Have ordered my Smidge today!!!!! its the price we pay for the mild wet winter, the litle bastards are up and running already

  2. Carmen says:

    Only Simon was wearing crack gloves – hence I have pink hands today from leading the jamming cracks. No finger jam practice though.

  3. pebbles says:

    ringlocks are obviously my nemesis!

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