Scuggy on fire

January 5th, 2015 by rob s

IMAG1457Cold crisp day with bright sunshine is no time to be indoors or sat belaying and messing with gear so I headed for the ever reliable beauty spot of Scugdale on the moors after sending a desperate plea to stop me being billy-no-mates….

Approaching the dale across the solid ice on the shady road I was wondering if I'd be able to make it as plumes of smoke drifted across the cloudless sky – making it look more like Manchester than the moors. Only a few people were there (some typical shite parking) and I wandered up to the crag with a father and son team from Manchester. Sat at the bottom of the crag chatting i realised I was missing more than some friends, my rock boots – plonker.

As the rock is soft sandstone, climbing in muddy walking boots (or any muddy shoes, or in the wet) is very damaging to the rock so I was resigned to a going for a w*lk. I decided to try and find the mythical Snotterdale crags and wandered along to the far end. 5 mins later Jamie turned up which was excellent news as I could pretend to have mates.

We did a few routes, chatted with the other brave souls, checked out the excellent new bouldering guide, as we wandered back along the edge. Jamie's rock shoes being 3 sizes too big for me made the routes interesting but the friction was good even if the cold was a bit numbing on the hands. We played around until the sun had lost its warmth (not helped by the smoke) around 3.30, and headed home.

Scuggy never fails to deliver

Jamie throwing some shapes

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