First Goat of the year

January 9th, 2015 by rob s

red-goatReturning from the US a few notches to the left on my belt and soft as petal skin, it was never going to be an hard core night at the Goat for me. A good team were in evidence, Will and Andy on the harder stuff, Sarah, Peri, Paul and Mark attacking the greens as I familiarised myself with the new yellows an blues.

I got myself a monthly pass, which at £35 is perfectly priced (cue some input from Karl!) to make me visit often to get my monies worth and make short sub hour trips worthwhile. Remember on Thusdays YAC members get a pound off entrance.

See you down there….

3 Responses to “First Goat of the year”

  1. pebbles says:

    God, I wasnt attcking any greens this week- too lardy and week due to carrying xmas pudding, cake and goose up every problem with me ! But good to see a good turnout anyway! Will be trying to make this sesh a bit more regularly. And I hear were about to shift our base of beerage ops to the Black Swan…good call.

  2. Jamie B says:

    Had a very similar experience at Climb North East on Wednesday. Fortunately there were still a load of problems up from the recent kids bouldering competition so at least there were a few routes I could do!

  3. rob s says:

    I can do any of the kids comp routes, they are way too good ! Watching Hamish is inspiring, depressing, fun and super impressive all at the same time. Beerage is sort of changing – when we remember what we agreed 🙂

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