Eat Your Greens

January 30th, 2015 by rob s

greenGreens 6 : Rob 0
Last week The Goat changed yellows, blues and greens and on a short trip on Monday evening I failed on every new green route 🙁 I can usually puff my way up about half of the greens so I was a tad disappointed with my performance.

red-goatOur regular thursday night Goat session (YAC members get a £1 discount) I caught up with Paul (no Carmen, Mike, Will or Anthony though – slackers) who was resting himself on the sofa. He'd twisted an ankle (falling off can hurt) but thought it'd be ok. After some warm ups and a round of some blues and yellows I discussed my failure and Paul reckoned he could do some of them. So we set off in quest of the soft touch, the green range is V3..V5 and I reckon i fall smack in the middle of these (usually).

Sarah and Peri arrived and a couple of prospective members introduced themselves to Paul (in his YAC t-shirt), who then introduced them to me whilst I was 4ft up, mid move on a blue :-). Sarah's tales of multi coloured toe-nails (not in a good way) kept us amused for minutes.

With a bit of Beta from Paul and some working between us we started to tick off the greens, tea and cake and a chat stopping us for a while. The other thing stopping us is the fact that some of them seem impossible to me, I realise that i wont ever do them all but I now have some targets. Paul left and I stayed a while mixing with Peri, Sarah and a few randoms before heading home at 9.15

Greens 2: Rob 9

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