A wee solo jaunt up some Munros

January 24th, 2017 by rob s

The Club meet was in Wales this month but I just wasn't feeling motivated for it, and needing some fitness I headed up to Southern Highlands to bag some more Munros. I was alone this time as everyone else was on the meet, so I packed the car with tent, bike and a usual stuff and drove up to Glen Lyon

I pitched up later than expected after a delayed start and a detour around Stirling due to roadworks, and missed the Callendar Chippy (closes at 9 for info) but Tescos was open, and they sell wine , and chicken wings – read it and weep Jamie! I Camped by the dam I got an OK nights sleep and was on the hill for 8.30ish, just after white van man in running shoes.

Taking 1.30 to get up Stuchd an Lochain in absolutely stunning conditions I was soon back at the car for a brew and some wings. I headed up for the 2nd of the pair of opposing hills, Meall Buidhe escaping the cloud after 100m. Hard to describe the views, beauty and sense of peace up there. One of my best ever days in the Scottish hills.

Back at the car I made my way to the Wigwam campsite a mile south of Tyndrum, and I was the only camper! This place is great it has mini huts, great camp field, clean warm showers and toilet block and a fully kitted kitchen and dining areas and a little shop. It was like being a hut, 8 quid a night

Sunday was misty and after a return visit to the campsite to collect an allen key I set off at 9.30 cycling up the estate road to Beinn Mhanach I am not a great mountain biker, took me a while to work out how my gear changers worked! I cycled up the track in about an hour including some stops for route choice and poking about and pushing. A Straight 1.15 slog up the hill brought me to the summit cairn, and I was back down the hill in 40 mins and cycled back to the car in another 35min (no pushing downhill!).

A cup of tea or two and a shower after packing up my tent and gear and I was 'away down the road' as we say.

Top weekend if lacking a little sociability

More Pix https://goo.gl/photos/grYZm1tv9EacFMpR9

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  1. Simon C says:

    Nice one! Weather looks similar to what we had, only with added cloud inversion. I bet we had more food though.

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