Wainstones Evening

June 25th, 2021 by Peter Walker

We took advantage of a good forecast and late summer sunsets to make the longer drive up the A19 to the Wainstones on the north side of the moors. We were 8 by the time Jamie arrived.

For some of us it was the first time back on rock for quite some time, so took it steady and got back into the swing of things, with even the lower grades feeling tough on out-of-practice climbers. Some of this could have been down to some dubious grading in the variety of guidebooks old and new we had with us, or possibly the fact that at times we weren't exactly sure which routes we were on!

Anyway the sun stayed warm and there was just enough breeze to keep a full-on midge invasion at bay.  A few runners and walkers passed us on the Cleveland way as we enjoyed a pleasant evening ticking off some routes, capped off by a fantastic sunset. No idea who did what, although Jamie should get a special mention for persevering and figuring out the moves to get up Flake Wall and Crack (VD/HS/MVS/VS4b, depending which guide you consult) just as the light was beginning to fade and the evening cool down.

Great to be out enjoying an evening adventure again. 

some Wallpaper Simon found on the internet 🙂

pix © Simon Caldwell

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