Baked Flakes

July 1st, 2021 by rob s
Flake Wall VS 4b

Peri and I headed over to Crookrise to join in with a FRCC day meet.
Leaving York in cloudy weather we had extra clothes incase but once near Skipton the weather changed and it was toasty.

In fact too hot to do much and hard to trust handholds. We bagged a S 4a and VS 4b before a break to wander over and chat to the FRCC team. They were packing up (mostly locals) as it was just too hot!


After lunch I goaded Peri into climbing Slingsby's Chimney HVD 4a which felt more like VD 5b to me. Getting into the chimney is really hard, after that some knee bars leads to (scrapped knees and) lovely bridging to the top. Best of all it was in the shade.

Midges put an end to the day after an abortive attempt at some routes on Sunshine Slab which seem well undergraded at MVS4b in the heat.

Lovely place, with great views about 45 miles from York with free parking !

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