Guidelines for authors…

Blogging is quick, easy and can even be fun (believe it not). Why not give it a go and share your adventures, little and large. The software is pretty easy to use and there a bunch of us on hand to help with the awkward bits. Here's a bit of advice and some ideas to help you…

What to blog ?
A walk, run, ride, climb, bivi, drunken evening out, pretty much anything! As a club blog (try for personal blogs) we have said solo adventures or those involving 2 or more YACers but use your discretion.

We'd love to have a balance of club activities represented which means all of us getting involved and telling all what they have been up to. It really is an excellent way of keeping us all in touch and even giving us ideas of where we may go next and what we may do.

How much to write ?
As little as 10 words or as many as 1000+ depending on what you've been doing and how many adventures you've had.

YES please , pictures really bring the articles to life and make the site attractive and a pleasure to read. It should be easy peasy to upload pictures but there are a few gotchas, hence there is a page on how to do this, if struggling let us know and we'll tinker for you.

When you publish, the date is automatically set to today (publication date) which is cool as it makes it appear at the top of the page. Long term it's better to have the activities ordered chronologically so we may alter the date later on to the date of the event/adventure.

Obscure, funny or just plain (in)accurate, the choice is yours!

It's really easy to edit and re-edit your article as many times as you like. To hone it to perfection before letting it loose on your adoring audience you can tick the "keep this page private" box – then only you and the admins can see it.

Editorial Powers The Heavy stuff
We are all adults in the club but our audience is hopefully wide, so we have to take care as the club will be held responsible for stuff on our site (and we are subject to all the nasty libel laws etc!) We don't anticipate ever having to exercise any editorial muscle but if we think someone has overstepped the mark, or we get any complaints we may have to amend or remove offending articles.