The next generation of YAC-ers?

July 6th, 2010 by ieverett

The current generation of YAC aren't getting any younger, more's the pity, and it's time we started looking for the next Adam Ondras, so to kick this off YAC held its first child friendly climbing day at Brimham Rocks.

The great British weather was true to form and it was a rather colder, windy day (with rain threatening) that greeted us upon arrival, but undeterred we all met up at Castle Rock for the obligatory faffing, coffee, guide book/route discussions etc

There was a great turn out with Pia Ashton and Joshua Everett winning the joint award for youngest climbers of the day at approx 2 ½. (although Helen could dispute that as she was v heavily pregnant!) There was also a good mix of YAC’s and non YAC’s with some family and friends tagging along as well. If I miss anyone out then I apologise in advance, but we had Liz, Joshua and myself, Ian Ashton & Pia, Ali & Poppy, Ian Brown & Mark, Helen & James, Steve, Roz, Toby & Hugo, Rob, Peri & Kirk, Tom & Fliss, Debbie & Meredith and Richard (Foxy) Hampton and daughters.

With swearing reduced down to a minimum by all, including Peri, some climbing eventually ensued with me leading Jabberwok (VS), whilst Peri eyed up Desperation Crack (HVS). A number of us then headed down to Cyclops area to set up some top ropes. Toby & Hugo made light work of Cyclops (S), whilst Meredith did her 1st outdoor climbs on Central Point (Diff). Ian B and Mark both powered up Gordon's Proffer, an HVS arête, which looked a scary lead with limited gear close to the top, whilst Tom & Fliss both lead Slab Arete (VDiff)

 We then headed down to cubic block with Ian A to let Pia and Josh run round on the boulders. The rain came in at about 2pm and we took that as a cue to head home as Josh was getting tired.

A few others stayed around to enjoy the evening sun with Peri leading Desperation Crack (HVS) and Rob leading Picnic variation (HVS) among others, before they headed down to Gnome Arete area at the end of the day.

All in all a good day and one to be repeated again, possibly at a different location though to stop everyone getting so spread out and separated in the Brimham maze.

More of Robs pics ..

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  1. Simon C says:

    Slight contrast with the weather we had in the Lakes that day – I can't remember the last time I got rained on as much!

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