Nant Peris Burns

February 10th, 2013 by rob s

A very popular meet to the excellent London MC hut just above the pub in Nant Peris saw a collection of new and old members venturing out onto the hills in interesting conditions. Mike M managed to squeeze a trip into his parental duties (congrats), Bob and Liz first hut meet and Chris and John (2nd meet- less beer more breakfast!) Gill were joined by some regulars. Should have been even more old timers there, but Annie, Donal and Richard R didn't like the idea of camping on the M62 overnight in the nasty weather (lightweights).

Paul and I had crammed into Jamies GTI convertible with suspect handbrake and petrol consumption of a jumbo jet (the ideal winter climbing car!) on Thursday night and scampered over to grab an extra day. Imagine our surprise when approaching Ogwen car park (it's free during the rebuilding) we heard Prof Karl Claxton in best plummy Radio 4 voice debating with some Frenchie (not our Leni and he didn't say knackerrrrrred once) on the Today programme. Abusive text duly sent, we headed up into Cwm Idwal to look at the stream (II/III). We were first there and chose to follow up the stream bed from where it crosses the path, not too well frozen to start, quite fun but slow. After about 200m (guess) it opens into an amphitheater and you follow a sequence of lovely ice falls on the right (some 15m high) up to a gully/ridge which leads onto the plateau. Jamie's first time on ice(?), new tools in his and Paul's hands it was a learning expereince and fun at that. We soloed most of it, I dropped a rope at one point.

Weather was mixed but we were getting wet as we headed down through the Devil's Kitchen whr ethe ice was spectacular with everything formed including the Devil's Appendix (wishing I was fitter as it's a dream route of mine and rarely in such good nick). We passed some people top roping The Curtain (IV,4)and chatted to a lad having a great time on The Screen (IV, 4). Paul and I decided to romp up this whilst many teams were on The Ramp (II/III), all of these start very close to the path. Jamie took loads of pix then retreated to the warmth of the car. The ice was soft and a bit wet amd easy to climb but not so good screws. I quickly ran out all 50m of rope (60m is MUCH BETTER!) and brought Paul up. We were soon back in the fug of the GTi and heading back to find Mike parked up and Bob & Liz out on the hill / tea shop.

Eventually most people turned up (no Pete B or aforementioned Yorkies). Sat was the laziest start I have ever known on a YAC meet with Pete B arriving at the hut whilst we were still getting up/breakfast! Bob, Liz and Mike headed for Moel Siabod, Jamie and Paul for Tryfan North Ridge and the rest of us for the Glyders (some complex car sharing was arranged).

The weather deteriorated during the day and team M.S. never quite summited, J&P summited but decided against Bristly Ridge and us walkers battled on but ultimately called short the day. We had some adventures at the Cantilever and navigating in poor conditions. John & Chris managed to blood their new shiny crampons while one of Dave D's 'poons decided to make a break for it and head for the scrap heap half way across the plateau — but we managed to recapture it. A good long snow slope meant axes out and we descended back to the valley before dark. The drying room was hard pressed that night but came up trumps.

A monster meal staring with a great soup from Jamie, haggis supper and enough apple pie and custard to keep Simon C quiete for ages (had he been there not running around overnight in the lakes (see his blog)) we also seem to have drunk quite a lot and laugh far too much for Liz on a full stomach!

Sunday was raining and most people headed home, a few did a walk around the quarries, 4 of us cleaned the hut and we all set off early.

Great trip, great hut, great place, great company – let's do it again !

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  1. pebbles says:

    Karl? plummy radio 4 voice? where does he keep that one hidden then? I'v heard plummier voices down Brick Lane market!

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