23-24 October 2004


After one of the most arduous journeys to a YAC meet I've ever had (over seven hours from Leeds to Llanberis), I finally made it to the hut sometime after midnight. Fortunately (for me at least), everyone who'd made it there before me had had an equally painful journey and not being able to get into the hut once they arrived didn't seem so bad by comparison. Strangely, after spending several hours on the A55, no-one seemed at all bothered by the fact they'd spent all of that time getting to North Wales, which was forecast to have rain and gale force winds for the entire weekend. Perhaps delirium had set in, or perhaps everyone had just managed to catch a nap between edging forward another couple of metres every 10 minutes, but whatever it was, noone was in any mood to go to bed on Friday night (which was actually Saturday morning by that stage).

After a pretty late start on Saturday, small groups headed off through the mud and rain to wander up Cnicht, tackle the North face of Pete's Eats or squirm up one of those climbing/caving crossover routes that Simon C has become so fond of recently. After a refreshing shower and some of Rob's homemade soup, the night's entertainment began in earnest: Rich and Alex joined forces to provide a kind of acoustic karaoke; Carmen produced a fantastic chocolate birthday cake (for me! Having been relegated to a physics widow for the weekend, this was a great surprise and much appreciated...); and Jenny and Karen orchestrated a loud and enthusiastic team game of Pictionary.

Sunday dawned wet and windy and one or two people headed straight off hoping to make it home in less than eight hours. The rest of us put our trust in Simon C and followed blindly when he suggested a quick scramble up Bryant's Gully on Glydr Fawr. Within a very short space of time we were wetter than I ever though it possible to be without being in a shower. Despite this, it was alarmingly good fun and definitely something to be recommended on a mild and wet day if you're going to get wet, you might as well do it properly!

Lletty Llwyd, which is owned by the South Wales MC, was a new hut for YAC this year and I'm sure we'll be back (though hopefully in better weather and traffic conditions next time...)