24-25 July 2004


We left a humid and pleasant York for a rather cold and breezy Northumberland coast - no fear of midges. At least we had booked as the campsite was full; and changes have occurred as the campsite pub no longer exists. Saturday we awoke to a rather grey and cool morning - but at least it wasn't raining yet. Meanwhile there was an alarm going off every so often. Not being very alert first thing in the morning we didn't realise it was one of our newer members (Nigel) failing to attract attention to help release him from the back of his van (which he had been sleeping in)!

Once this was over with we were off towards Kyloe for a day's climbing. Straight away we were reminded how hard the grades are up North - almost makes Yorkshire easy! Dave the calf (Epstein) was not perturbed and was straight off leading some bold VS's. A good crag - well worth a return visit as we were cut short when rained off later in the afternoon. Peter phoned his parents for pub recommendation and we headed straight off for the pub. Upon arrival the pub was full of men in fancy dress on a stag do - it didn't take long before Annie had all of there life histories. Upon return to the campsite we had a game of football with Peter and Emma - which soon wore everyone out.

On Sunday we set off for Kyloe in the Woods - which was apparently only discovered in the 1960s. We wasted a good hour or two trying to find the crag - and when we did, we wished we hadn't have bothered: the rock was dripping wet, and the whole area was covered in green slime and looked particularly uninviting. We decided to head home via Bowden Doors - more with the intention of checking it out than climbing. However, after about an hour, there was a heat wave - we were treated to warm, sunny conditions and some very good climbing - again generally hard for the grade. In fact it was so good that some of us got carried away and didn't leave till 8pm.