Outdoor Climbing
During our so called summer we have a weekly evening club trip (Tuesday to give us best chance ofPhoto Gallery postponement in case of rain!). We climb at local crags on Yorkshire Gritstone (Brimham, Almscliff, etc) and North York Moors (Scugdale, Wainstones, Whitestonecliffe, Peak Scar, etc), and, when the longer nights arrive, in the Peak District (Wharncliff, even Stanage, etc). We also have Sunday club outings.

On monthly club trips away, weather permitting many members will be out on the crags wherever we are (Lakes, Wales, Scotland...)

In addition many of us are out climbing together on ad-hoc trips on evenings, weekends and even for a week at time (Scotland, Cornwall). Plenty of chance to find a climbing partner and get outside.

Indoor Climbing
There are 4 walls close to us, York Wall (Oaklands), Harrogate Wall, Leeds Wall and Rock City (Hull). We get discount at all the walls. York is a small but excellent local facility, Leeds is a major wall with many routes, and Hull is a great alternative with lots of bouldering and top-ropes.

We have nominated Wednesday night as the official night, Photo Galleryand this is often at Leeds. However YAC climbers are at York Wall most weekday nights during the winter, and a partner can often be arranged at short notice via our email lists.

Route Setting
Club members are active in setting new routes at York Wall, about three quarters of the new routes from Dec 2007 to Jan 2008 have been set by YAC members (at least 20 so far). We have built a strong relationship with York wall and help develop it.

If you are interested in helping to develop the local facility get in touch.

Sun Rock
Once a year we organise a trip to the Med (Spain usually) for a week's bolt clipping in the sun (and snow on most trips!). Over the last few years we have been to Granada, Mallorca, Costa Blanca, Madrid (La Pedriza), and Calatayud (Zaragosa). Club members have also got together and organised trips to Greece, Sardinia, Slovenia, Italy and other places.

The sun rock trip is well attended and very popular.

Training and Coaching
We do not have the resources (or insurance!) to teach complete beginners to climb, and recommend that new members take an introductory climbing course at York Wall as a fast track way of getting started. Once you've grasped the basics, we have occasional coaching sessions and the more experienced (ie older!) members are all too willing to butt in and offer advice!