Winter Climbing


UK Winter Climbing
Club members are all too keen to get out and play in the snow and ice. Conditions are everything in winter climbing so flexibility is the key - being able to take a day off work really helps! Photo GalleryThough occasionally the weather helps out and the best conditions coincide with the weekend.

The best place is obviously Scotland, either East or West coast, Ben Nevis or Cairngorms are the popular areas. As well as the ad-hoc chase-the-snow trips, the club normally has at least three scheduled trips to Scotland during the winter - there should be snow on at least one of them!

The Lake District usually comes into condition sometime most Photo Gallerywinters (2006/7 was the exception) and day trips, leaving at a silly time in the morning, can be really rewarding.

Ad hoc trips to both these areas, as well as North Wales, are common if the conditions are favourable.

Indoor Ice Climbing
The Ice Factor at Kinlochleven is about the only place now, great for when the weather is rubbish in Glencoe, but then of course it will be fully booked!

Foreign Ice
Photo GalleryNorway and the Alps give reliable ice every year. YAC members have been to the classic areas of La Grave in the French Alps and Rjukan in Norway, for a few days to a week.
A great place to hone the technical ice skills in a safe environment, but expensive and cold!