Hot Grit

October 4th, 2011 by pebbles

Lakes or Peak, Lakes or Peak, our plans fluctuated with the weather forecast. As Graham put it, there was probably less organisation involved for the Normandy landings. Courtnay had to be back on sunday morning (work), Graham CourtnAy and me had also booked into a bouldering class and talk with Johnny Dawes on the friday night, so the logistics were all getting a bit involved, and the forecast kept changing. Finally we settled on the Peak.

Friday night and heeers Johnny! I had heard he was likely to be a bit off the wall, and I wasnt disappointed. The bouldering class was totally excellent, he had us jumping on to footholds, trying to switch holds single handed, and finally we all went outside and tried balancing on bits of rockery. He was totally enthusiastic, and seemed to be enjoying himself as much as we were, I came away with lots of new ideas on how to train. I still havnt figured out how every move can have its own noise though…

Saturday was spent at Stanage High Neb with a team of six – Rachel, Graham, CourtnAy, Astell, Dave Shield and me. Graham tried to convince me to try Kelly's Overhang, but after watching a team of lads have an absolute epic on it I decided to decline. It was way too hot for anything too strenuous anyway, and we had to keep reminding ourselves it was the first of October. Courtnay led not one but two Hard Severes, and Rachel led her first HVS since breaking a leg two years ago, so maybe its just me who felt lazy. Courtnay left with a final challenge: a list of random words to insert into the York guided tour she was due to lead on sunday.

Every Girl's Fun! aka Every Man's Misery

Sunday was all change for the teams. Only me and Rachel had camped, so we headed for Burbage South where we were joined later on by Ali and Richard. Rachel and me had a tick list which included Bynes Crack, Fox House Flake and Every Man's Misery. Which was Every Girl's Fun! No need for the CamaHuge on this one, the main difficulty was not falling out but acheiving any motion at all. Finally Ali and Richard joined us having spent the morning at Burbage North, having ticked Knights Move, Amazon Crack and Rose Flake.


And if anyone is curious, CourtnAy managed to get all her allocated words into her tour guiding, cant remember them all, but in case anyone ever mentions it, the name Bootham is definately NOT derived from an indigenous species of Brocolli growing in the area 🙂


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