March 12th, 2015 by Puma

Ok, so I'm not saying the following account is in any way influence by my recent choice of reading material (Psychovertical by Andy K.) but three and a half hours and a lot of hanging on gear to climb an 18 m route is perhaps a little on the epic side!

Rob and I went to Brimham, I had my eye on Picnic Variation (HVS 5a), we romped up about 11 o'clock, geared up and I started the lead. the first few metres went fine, then I had to figure out how to climb the finger crack. This took the first hour and many many (perhaps all) combinations of moves!

Hour two was taken up mainly by me moving up through the crux to an airy traverse, back down again and finally hanging on gear. By now I was at least 4 m off the ground! But had climbed more like 40 m. Now it was well past one o'clock so it was time to break for lunch. Not having a haul bag to pull lunch up to me I opted for descending to the the ground.

Lunch finished, the last hour saw me complete the traverse, to the applause of a couple who were watching the theatre (of comedy or tragedy?) unfold. On a positive note, I didn't fall, the gear is great (well tested) and I now have all the moves nailed. Anyone for a trip to Brimham soon? I know a lovely little route I should be able to flash?

With a bit of time left we went to play on Kangaroo Wall (VS 5a), I don't recall who lead that one.

Perhaps I'll let Rob have the final say on this one "Dogging a route usually involves more climbing!!"

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  1. pebbles says:

    count me in for your brimham comedy epic, I'v had enough of my own there , be nice to watch someone else suffer. ;-D

  2. Puma says:

    There was no mention of suffering. Each and every move was choreographed and elegant. I just enjoyed the route so much I never wanted it to end!

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