Glen Etive
20-22 February 2003

This was the second club trip to this isolated hut towards the southern end of Glen Etive. The composting toilet, and stream 50 m away providing only cold water are accepted as part of the package when you visit such a remote spot. The place has the luxury of electricity, a well equipped kitchen, open fire and pleasant Brocken Spectredining/sitting room. However, before we left, we requested in the hut log book that the Grampian Club install some sound attenuating baffles in the bedroom - some of the snoring was atrocious. If the custodian does not oblige we will have to think again before returning.

Pressure of laziness has prevented me from writing this report until 4 months late, so the walks which members of the group went on have faded into a distant memory. From what I do recall, Nigel, Graham and Rich arrived by lunchtime on Tuesday and enjoyed three days of freezing temperatures and unbroken sunshine before the others arrived. They climbed Bidean nam Bian, Buchaille Etive Mor and the Aonach Eagach. Someone had to retreat from one of the walks due to a severe hangover - setting a precedent for the weekend. To spoil their isolation Tom, Peter, Rob, Dave and Simeon arrived on Thursday evening.

On Friday Rob, Peter, Tom and Rich climbed summit gully on Stob Coire Nam Beith, while the others went somewhere else. The rest of the party arrived on Friday evening just in time/just too late for a communal meal and a large quantity of alcohol. The following morning there were various accusations of snoring and spontaneous cuddling. Excuses for the latter were put down to "not usually sleeping on that side of the bed".

Bidean nam BianMore mountaineering exploits the following day saw Simeon, Dave, Nigel and Peter traversing the Aonach Eagach ridge and Carmen, Simon, Debra and Simon climbing a gully from Coire Nan Lochan and then (even though it was getting late) continuing all the way round the horseshoe ridge to descend via the Lost Valley in the dark. The other four who started out later were back at base by 4pm. Having made a fire and cooked the evening meal, there was nothing left to do but start on the alcohol. Much had been consumed by the time the remaining 8 returned after 8pm. Things quietened down while the food was consumed, but after the meal a bottle of whiskey appeared. Amongst much vociferous discussion the whole litre was consumed before bed time. Those who had gone to bed early (well relatively early) were woken intermittently by more discussion, and later on by lots more snoring.

I don't remember much about Sunday, but I think it rained and nobody walked very far.