23-25 August 2003

After a slow start due to unexpected overnight rain, the weekend soon reverted to the Gower norm of sunshine and blue skies

The first afternoon was spent warming up at Paviland, where the best route is undoubtedly Shelob. The first pitch is of the vegetated-and-much-harder-than-it-looks variety, but this is just an appetiser. The main course climbs up the back of a small cave before traversing outwards to a final swing across plentiful empty space and a pull up through a small hole (easier for some than for others) to safety. Or relative safety, as half my belay snapped off as I was leaning out for a better look down.

The highlight of the weekend however, was surely the new route put up by Helen at Boiler Slab. Provisionally named "Are you sure it goes up here?" it takes the vague rib to the right of Pinnacle Crack. No grade was suggested but it is thought to be Mild Extremely Moderate.

Unable to compete with this achievement, everybody else went for a swim in the sea instead.

Not to be outdone, on the final day Rob and Peter (no not that Peter, another one) tried to do some new routing of their own, using the unusual technique of following existing routes, but on the wrong crag. Most of the others took part in a mass ascent (in Alpine style) of the East Ridge of Great Tor, while carmen, Simon, and James did a route at Three Cliffs, went paddling round the headland (crux), and finally scared the sunbathers off by climbing above them at Little Tor.

It is rumoured that some walking and mountain biking also took place, but details are unclear. It is not believed that any nudity was involved.