Cadair Idris
August 26-29 2005

The campsite at Cwmrhwyddfor which is situated at the bottom of Cadair Idris was busier than expected and suffered from low water pressure and a not particularly good pub.

The only pan washing facilities are in the ladies so for reasons of decorum, dirty pans belonging to male members of the party were passed into the said washroom through an open window, once cleaned the pans were returned through the same opening in the opposite direction to be dried.

The campsite is owned by a gentleman called Fagin (christened by Andrew), each evening he would drive up in his large German motor car to collect campsite fees from the YAC contingent who were unwilling to commit to camping more than one night at a time. Donal suggested he was collecting pocket money to bet on the horses.

On Saturday we woke up to low cloud with the promise of better weather later, a mass ascent of Cadair Idris was the order of the day. The walk up was very humid and it began to rain as we approached the summit ridge. Our perseverance was rewarded because by early afternoon the sky cleared and we had extensive views of the surrounding hills. The walk along the summit ridge was followed by an awkward descent and a traverse across a steep slope "Why do [YAC] walks always have to end like this" -Annie.

The campsite have a pub close by but it is not frequented by campers, most of the time we were the only people in the bar where we discussed boreholes and septic tanks with the landlord.

The walk back from the pub was marked by a perfectly clear sky with excellent views of the stars.

Despite the clear skies of Saturday night we awoke on Sunday to an overcast sky.
The mountain bikers (Peter, Annie, Donal and Andrew) headed for Tal-y-bont and a circuit up in the hills above the coast. From Tal-y-bont they headed uphill towards Bellaport. From here they made their way for Corsy Bedel Hall whereupon they joined a track heading for Llyn Bodlyn. Before they reached the lake they crossed the Afon Ysgethin at Pont Scethin and began the first major ascent. Only one member of the party (Peter) made any attempt to cycle up the hill. Once at the top they were rewarded with a traverse across a steep slope (don't look down whilst cycling) and one crash (Peter). After an excellent section of downhill they reached Banc-y-Fran.

The walkers (Margaret and Dave) spent the day on the Arans.

Back at the campsite whilst cooking his tea Andrew came up with the quote of the weekend, addressed to Peter, "Is this your Hooker or mine". To which Peter's response was "No, but I would be happy to share" (Andrew was actually referring to the device known as a gripper used to hold hot pans on a camping stove and not a courtesan).
Monday was a washout we all left the campsite after a soggy breakfast only to drive through glorious sunshine as we headed east over the Pennines.