Sunday March 2nd 2008

Eight people braved gale force winds for a walk in the Calder Valley. Starting from the Shepherds Rest, a pub on the valley side above Todmorden, the intrepid souls were YAC members Peri, Andrew, Karen, Gordon T, Peter, David K and David D. Also along was Peter’s friend Graham who lives locally. We had the wind behind us as we started out up Stoodley Pike, on top of which stands an obelisk put up to commemorate a Napoleonic war.

From the exposure of the pike we descended to Hebden Bridge through scenic woodlands to a lunch stop by the canal. From the town we climbed the northern slopes of the valley using paths familiar to the mountain bikers among us (There are lots of bridleways in the area). Travelling west along the northern side of the valley we battled against the wind mostly following the Calderdale Way (This part of the walk was not particularly scenic). On route we passed Great Rock, nobody was tempted by the V Diff jamming crack up the south face.

After Great Rock, apart from the wind, progress was further hindered by Peter trying to read the map backwards. From the tops we dropped down through a deserted golf course and into Todmorden just as the place was shutting. We did however manage to get a welcome cup of tea at the Golden Lion pub before we climbed up the southern slopes of the valley and back were we started, the Shepherds Rest Pub.

Apart from the odd bit this is probably better biking than walking country.