What to do on a dull Tuesday morning in York…..

June 17th, 2008 by netevilarch

Go route setting at the Oaklands wall

So I drove over to the York wall just after 8:00 am,  they hadn't even switched the lights on.

Anyway Jonathan and I started striping some of the old routes down and putting up some new ones.  At around 10:15 the late shift arrived ( Rob el presidente ), so he did get a bit of a ribbing for being late….

Any way the changes

The purple/purple with white tags 5/6A on the slab has been replaced with another purple 5/5+.  Rob wants to start playing with tape and set another eliminate route on this.  So watch out for some coloured tape arriving on some of the holds.

Jonathan replaced the light blue 6A+ on the vertical red wall with a light blue 6A.  The use of the right side wall and corner is on, if you do it without the corner and wall it is slightly harder, possibly 6A+.

Once Rob got his rope up an all his ascending gear together he stripped the green 6A/6A+ from the right side of the small/baby overhang wall.  There wasn't enought time to replace this route.

The next Saturday night route setting will be on the 5th July.  It is open to climbers of all standards and full training is given to people who have not set any routes before.  If you want to come along please let me know so that I can forward a list of names of the wall.

Have fun and be safe


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  1. lithos says:

    pah 6a without the sidewall as well and quite nice flowy movements, and it's turquoise not blue

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